Ontario Regional Adaptation Collaborative III (2016-2017)

Since its launch in 2012, the Adaptation Platform has brought together key groups from government, industry and professional organizations, to collaborate on adaptation priorities. This collaboration has yielded a wealth of initiatives, projects and products aimed at advancing adaptation in Ontario, and across the country.

Building on the momentum from the previous two Regional Adaptation Collaboratives (RAC’s I and II), RAC III will provide a means of expanding the reach of the Adaptation Platform’s outcomes through activities focused on engagement, dissemination, and the use and uptake of Adaptation Platform products/results within the province of Ontario.

With an existing network of adaptation stakeholders established through the previous RAC programming, the Ontario RAC III 2016-2017 program will allow OCCIAR to enhance the capacity of communities and sectors in the region to prepare for and confront the challenges posed by climate change. Through the systematic roll-out of projects and exercises, RAC III will increase the capacity of energy, municipal planning, infrastructure risk management planning, mining, and forestry sectors/themes in the region of Ontario to undertake climate change adaptation and to build resilience to the impacts brought on by a changing climate.

RAC III – Products

With support through Natural Resources Canada’s Regional Adaptation Collaboratives Program, OCCIAR presents the following webinars: