11-03-17: Climate change forces farmers to rethink crops in Windsor-Essex County
Climate change will mean agricultural change for farmers in Windsor-Essex County.
-Windsor Star

11-02-17: LU to help lead research into climate change
Al Douglas, director of the Ontario Centre for Climate Impact and Adaptation Resources at MIRARCO, a Laurentian University research centre, will hold a seat on Canada’s new expert panel on climate change adaptation and resiliency.
-Sudbury Star

10-09-17: What could climate change mean for Thunder Bay?
Recently, experts gathered at Lakehead University in Thunder Bay to share thoughts and perspectives on how climate change could affect the city and surrounding area, and how we need to adapt.
-CBC News

09-04-17: Simcoe County municipalities to partner for climate change initiative
Sustainable Severn Sound (SSS) and municipalities throughout Simcoe County have announced plans to develop a collaborative climate change action plan.
-Midland Mirror

09-03-17: 'We are not well prepared': An expert's view of climate change and the next big storm
The federal government has struck an expert panel to consider adaptation.
-CBC News

09-01-17: Spring floods in Quebec and Ontario cost $223M, insurance board says
Several weather systems that doused Quebec and eastern Ontario last spring resulted in more than $223 million in insured damage, the Insurance Bureau of Canada (IBC) reported Friday.
-Montreal Gazette

07-11-17: Climate change extending forest fire season in Ontario & Alberta, researcher finds
'Stroke of luck' Ontario forest fire season quiet so far: University of Toronto professor says.

05-04-17: Goal to anticipate, prepare for potential impacts, reduce risks
Barrie is preparing for Mother Nature's worst. A climate change adaption strategy will be considered by city councillors Monday, and the plan is timely - as severe weather in the form of rainfall hits this area.
-The Barrie Examiner

04-05-17: ICLR launches backwater valve installation website for homeowners and professionals
The Institute for Catastrophic Loss Reduction (ICLR) has launched a backwater valve installation website to provide basic information about sewage backflow prevention devices to assist homeowners in better understanding what they are and how they work, and aid plumbing professionals on the protocols that should be followed to ensure that such devices are installed properly.
-Canadian Underwriter

04-01-17: Five ways to garden with climate change
GRAND RIVER – Gardeners know first-hand that the weather has always been unpredictable, but the new normal under climate change has shown increased temperatures and more extreme weather events.
-Two Row Times

03-31-17: Climate change creating flood of claims
Major municipal asset management plan consideration.
-Norfolk News.ca

03-31-17: Standards Council of Canada, Intact Centre on Climate Adaption to study flood resiliency for new residential communities
The Standards Council of Canada (SCC) and the Intact Centre on Climate Adaptation (Intact Centre) at the University of Waterloo have announced that they are joining forces to develop a new report on best practices for making new residential communities flood-resilient.
-Canadian Underwriter

03-07-17: Canada’s Buildings Will Finally Be Built With Climate Change In Mind
There’s just no way around it: building codes are deeply boring documents. The most recent National Building Code of Canada clocks in at 1,400 jargon-filled pages. Despite being a snore fest, it’s on its way to becoming an incredibly important tool in preparing new buildings for the worst impacts of escalating climate change and extreme weather events, such as flooding, hail and rain.

02-27-17: Exclusive: Building codes across Canada to be updated to reflect climate change
Canada’s national building codes will be changing over the next five years to adapt to the effects of climate change.
-Global News

02-26-17: Vancouver summers could get as warm as San Diego by 2050: Report
A September 2016 climate projections report by Metro Vancouver has made some eye-raising predictions.
-Global News

02-01-17: Extent of pole collapse from ice load surprises NB Power
Whether to reinforce utility-pole system is being looked at internally by power company.
-CBC News

01-22-17: Homeowners ill-informed about flood compensation, poll suggests
Internal poll for Public Safety reveals lack of awareness among Canadians about flood compensation.
-CBC News

01-09-17: Severe Weather Events Cost Canadians $5 Billion in 2016
From the wildfires that swept through Fort McMurray in May to the floods that devastated parts of Nova Scotia and Newfoundland over Thanksgiving weekend, severe weather had a huge impact on Canadians in 2016.
-Water Canada

01-03-17: Toronto commits to Resilient Cities program
The City of Toronto has taken a major step into the age of resilience, choosing a workshop held in December attended by some 100 community stakeholders to launch its participation in the international 100 Resilient Cities (100RC) program.
-Daily Commercial News

12-29-16: Windsor's Summers Increase Risk Of Mortality
Windsor is included in a new report showcasing the steps local governments are taking to address the increasing risk of extreme heat events.
-The Windsor Square

12-12-16: How will Toronto weather the storms of climate change?
What to do with all that water is the biggest challenge, deluge of 2013 shows.
-CBC news

12-10-16: 'It's a little scary': On Lennox Island, no one debates whether climate change is real
Lennox Island is a small Mi'kmaq community of 450 people off the coast of P.E.I. It's also a kind of canary in the coal mine when it comes to climate change.
-CBC news

12-06-16: Anticipating local impact from climate change
Local officials were discussing Monday how to prepare for the impact that extreme weather and natural disasters caused by a changing climate will have on municipal infrastructure.

12-05-16: An Unusually Warm Arctic Year: Sign of Future Climate Turmoil?
Atmospheric scientist Jennifer Francis has for five years propounded a widely discussed theory about the rapidly warming Arctic and global weather: Rising temperatures in the Arctic, closely intertwined with the loss of sea ice, are changing the shape of the jet stream and altering the weather of the Northern Hemisphere.

11-16-16: Northern Ontario plants, animals try to adapt to warm November weather
It is mid-November, but it does not feel like it across much of northern Ontario.

11-16-16: Climate change isn’t just raising the temperature, it’s changing ‘life itself’ for animals and ecosystems: study
The earth has warmed barely a single degree Celsius, and yet virtually no place on the planet is unaffected by climate change.
-Bloomberg News

10-31-16: Farming in the face of climate change
This summer Ontario farmers dealt with a severe drought, and more erratic weather is expected as climate change worsens. But for many, it's just another facet of an already erratic life.

10-31-16: Canada not ready for catastrophic effects of climate change, report warns
Canada is not prepared to handle the devastating and costly effects of increased flooding and extreme weather brought on by climate change, according to a new report released Monday.
-Global News

10-31-16: To Adapt to Climate Change, Retreat Is Necessary
Four years after Hurricane Sandy, many coastal communities recognize that rising oceans mean relocating their residents. But there is no consensus on how to do so.
-The Nation

10-27-16: Biggest threat to our water? Canadians agree it's one thing
A recent Water Attitudes survey conducted by the Royal Bank of Canada (RBC) found that Canadians increasingly see climate change as the single greatest threat to the country's fresh water supply.
-The Weather Network

10-14-16: Adaptation is the neglected “weak sister” of climate change
While senior levels of government obsess about emission targets and taxes for greenhouse gases, municipalities and community groups have been left alone to deal with an equally daunting challenge - how to appropriately adapt to climate change.

06-15-16: Climate Watch Shorts: How an unpredictable climate is changing life in Ontario
Climate Watch Shorts is an examination of our changing climate and how people are adapting to it.

05-31-16: National model building code should account for anticipated climate change: Auditor General report
Canada’s federal environment and climate change department “should work with partners” to figure out how to produce data used to measure intensity, duration and frequency of storms, and the National Research Council should “incorporate climate change trends” when developing structural design provisions in Canada’s model building code, environment and sustainable development commissioner Julie Gelfand suggested in a report released Tuesday.
-Canadian Underwriter

05-25-16: The second coming of the Dirty Thirties? Climate change will bring drought and depression
Some experts believe the wildfires at Fort McMurray suggest we should become accustomed to major disasters that may be linked to the long-term effects of climate change. But the stakes are different in the Prairies. According to a recent study from the University of Winnipeg, the Prairie region represents a unique case around the world.
-The Globe and Mail

05-23-16: Downhill turn for ski hills in northeastern Ontario after mild winter
The winter that was wasn't very easy on ski hill operators and resorts in northeastern Ontario, and now, one is considering hanging up the poles.
-CBC News

05-18-16: City of St. Catharines begins tackling climate change initiatives
Niagara Sustainability Initiative working with city on first phase of Compact of Mayors.
-Niagara this week

05-16-16: As climate change claims heat up, insurance industry says we need to adapt
"They lose sleep every time it rains really hard because they know they're going to get flooded basements," says Jason Thistlethwaite, a University of Waterloo professor who studies the insurance industry, about people in the business.
-CBC News

04-29-16: Construction Corner: Portal helps organizations factor in climate change
An Ottawa consultancy has unveiled a new online resource that’s designed to help organizations factor the impact of climate change into decisions relating to, among other things, infrastructure.
-Daily Commercial News

04-18-16: Positive results for the national symposium Adaptation Canada 2016
The first event of its kind in more than 10 years, the national symposium Adaptation Canada 2016, organized jointly by the Ouranos consortium on regional climatology and adaptation to climate change, and the Ontario Centre for Climate Impacts and Adaptation Resources (OCCIAR), gathered some 650 people to Ottawa from April 12-14.

04-12-16: Climate change adaptation may be necessary, conference hears
Ottawa symposium hears call for “proactive adaptation” to climate impacts from politicians, scientists.

03-17-16: Symposium Adaptation Canada 2016 - A first in Canada in 10 years - Stakeholders in the management of risks arising from climate change are meeting in Ottawa from April 12 to 14
MONTREAL, March 17, 2016 /CNW Telbec/ - The Ontario Centre for Climate Impacts and Adaptation Resources (OCCIAR) and the Ouranos consortium on regional climatology and adaptation to climate change are proud to present Adaptation Canada 2016: the first national symposium in ten years on the preparation for and management of risks associated with climate change.

03-17-16: Ontario Partnering With First Nations to Address Climate Change
Ontario continues to put its new Climate Change Strategy into action by investing $13 million in two initiatives to help Indigenous communities address climate change and support economic growth.
-Ontario Newsroom

02-29-16: Aboriginal leaders are warning of the mental health cost of climate change in the North
First Nations and Inuit communities in the North are coping with growing despair over climate change, a problem observers are connecting to mental health and social problems.

02-29-16: Mother Nature' making it tough for James Bay winter roads
About $2 million spent on winter roads that run between Attawapiskat and Smooth Rock Falls.

02-25-16: PBO says climate change-fuelled disasters to cost $900M over next five years
Storms, hurricanes and floods driven in part by climate change will cost the federal disaster fund $902 million a year over the next five years, well above past averages, the parliamentary budget officer predicted Thursday.

02-04-16: Ontario Investing $100 Million to Create Jobs and Help Homeowners Save Energy
The province is putting its new Climate Change Strategy into action by investing $100 million from the Ontario Green Investment Fund to take advantage of the economic and job opportunities in clean technologies and to help homeowners reduce their energy bills and cut greenhouse gas emissions.
-Ontario Ministry of Energy

02-04-16: Climate change could bring Zika to Canada: York prof
The mosquito responsible for spreading the virus can't survive in Canada's climate, but that could change.
-Toronto Metro News

01-06-16: North American crops among those most affected by climate change
Global food production is increasingly likely to be disrupted by extreme weather driven by climate change, say researchers behind a new analysis published on Wednesday in the journal Nature.
-The Globe and Mail

01-05-16: Climate change fears force Ontario icewine makers to adapt
A late deep freeze this winter may have lifted the spirits of Ontario's icewine industry, but the province's grape growers say bigger questions about the impact of a changing climate are creeping up on their business.
-CBC News