06-11-19: Lakehead University gets another $2.25 million for research
A research team at Lakehead University will use a federal grant to study a method of mitigating the impact of climate changes in the boreal forest.

06-01-19: Canada helps Thunder Bay build climate change resilience by reducing the impact of flooding
Now more than ever, communities need help adapting to the frequent and intensifying weather events caused by climate change.
-Net News Ledger

05-02-19: Northern Ontario health units to work on climate change reports
The seven public health units in northern Ontario will be working together on climate change and health vulnerability and adaptation reports over the next two years with funding support from Health Canada.

05-02-19: Ontario Greenbelt’s natural assets can help with flood risks
Better management of natural assets, including those in Ontario's 2-million-acre Greenbelt, could dramatically reduce Ontario's spring flood risks — at lower cost than traditional engineered solutions.
-The Hamilton Spectator

04-24-19: Extreme weather, including widespread spring flooding, is ‘new reality’ of climate change: Trudeau
As swathes of the country face yet another year of spring flooding, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says the extreme weather is the “new reality” of climate change.
-Global News

03-25-19: Ontario Winter Storm Causes Over $48 Million in Insured Damage
The storm that hit Ontario on February 24 and 25, 2019, with damaging wind gusts, freezing rain and blizzard conditions caused over $48 million in insured damage, according to Catastrophe Indices and Quantification Inc. (CatIQ).

03-25-19: BEYOND LOCAL: Spring may bring warmth and sunshine, but it also means tick season is upon us
They are simply waiting in the wings for the right cues - warmer temperatures and longer daylight hours - to emerge and begin their quest for their next blood meal.
-Guelph Today

03-23-19: Climate change a leading factor in climbing home insurance costs
Brokers say they have been inundated with calls from customers who are seeing double-digit premium increases.
-CBC News

03-22-19: Climate change affecting fish in Ontario lakes, study reveals
Warmer temperatures are having a ripple effect on food webs in Ontario lakes, according to a new University of Guelph study.

03-22-19: Great Lakes warming will trigger more extreme weather, study
The rapid warming of the Great Lakes is threatening an increased risk of flooding and severe storms that could have devastating impacts for the 34 million people that live in its Basin, according to a new study.
-The Weather Network

03-21-19: Great Lakes feeling effects of rapid climate warming: report
The Great Lakes region is warming faster than the rest of the U.S., a trend likely to bring more extreme storms while also degrading water quality, worsening erosion and posing tougher challenges for farming, scientists reported Thursday.
-CTV news

03-08-19: Municipal, First Nation members encouraged to participate in regional energy and emissions project
The Smart Green Communities program affiliated with reThink Green has launched a new collaborative project to build energy and climate change leadership in communities on Manitoulin and the North Shore of Lake Huron.
-The Manitoulin Expositor

03-05-19: Sault head-hunts for new climate-change staffer
New hire will help city reduce greenhouse gas emissions and adapt to climate change.
-Soo Today

03-05-19: Kingston council asked to declare climate emergency
A Kingston city councillor wants the eastern Ontario city to declare a climate emergency.

03-05-19: City council declares climate emergency in Kingston
Kingston is the first Ontario municipality to declare a climate emergency.
-The Kingston Whig Standard

01-11-19: Lakehead researcher asks 2,000 Thunder Bay residents about climate change
A research project led by a Lakehead University professor aims to learn how residents of Thunder Bay feel about climate change, something she calls "one of the defining issues of our time."

01-08-19: Climate change symposium set for Jan. 17 in Kingston
Experts, activists and decision-makers are to gather for a daylong series of discussion about climate change later this month.
-Whig Standard

01-08-19: Canada's scientists conclude that human-induced climate change had a strong impact on forest fires in British Columbia
Environment and Climate Change Canada scientists recently completed a study on the influence of human-induced climate change on British Columbia's 2017 wildfire season.

01-08-19: B.C. wildfires stoked by climate change, likely to become worse: study
Wildfires that scorched vast tracts of southern British Columbia and led to forced evacuations in the summer of 2017 were stoked by climate change and are likely to become more common as global temperatures edge up, federal scientists warn in a new study.
-The Globe and Mail

01-07-19: 2018 was 4th warmest year on record, EU climate change report finds
Last year was the fourth warmest on record, extending a scorching streak driven by a buildup of man-made greenhouse gases, the European Union's Copernicus Climate Change Service said on Monday.

10-25-18: The Canadian Centre for Climate Services: An important commitment to helping Canadians become more resilient to climate impacts
The CCCS is an initiative of the Government of Canada and provides access to all things climate, from climate basics through to data and resources that support adaptation decision-making. The new CCCS website is designed to facilitate access to climate data and tools through features such as the Library of Climate Resources, interactive climate data viewer, and extraction tool.
-Government of Canada

08-06-18: As forest fires burn in Ontario, experts warn of the long-term environmental impact
Forest fires like the ones currently burning in Ontario can have long-term impacts on the environment, experts say, noting that increasingly warmer and drier weather conditions are making such blazes more common.
-The Canadian Press

07-23-18: Mayor outlines $89M flood prevention plan, seeking government funding for nearly half
Windsor Mayor Drew Dilkens outlined the work, which will begin next year.
-CBC News

07-19-18: Speaker recommends climate adaptation plan
Days into a sweltering heat wave that had resulted in up to 70 deaths in Quebec, local elected officials, senior municipal staff and concerned residents of Haliburton County gathered in the basement of the United Church in Minden to hear how communities could adapt to the inevitable challenges of climate change.
-The Times, Mindon, ON

07-09-18: As Pelee Island erodes, islanders bank on tourism for fix
'You really do have to be creative,' says adaptation expert on how small places tackle big problems.

07-07-18: Homeowners need to beef up flood insurance amid climate change, diminishing green space
Many Canadians are vulnerable to flood but don’t know it.
-Globe and Mail

07-07-18: Sustainable Severn Sound releases local Climate Change Action Plan
Sustainable Severn Sound, in collaboration with Midland, Penetanguishene, Severn, Oro-Medonte, Georgian Bay, Tiny and Tay, has released its first collaborative Local Climate Change Action Plan.

07-04-18: Climate change not one heat wave but a pattern of extremes, UW scientist says
The scorching heat wave that set records in Ontario and Quebec over the Canada Day long weekend can't be directly attributed to climate change — but neither can the likelihood of a connection be ignored outright, says a University of Waterloo climate scientist.
-The Canadian Press

07-03-18: Climate change not one heat wave, but a pattern of extremes: scientist
The scorching heat wave that set records in Ontario and Quebec over the Canada Day long weekend can’t be directly attributed to climate change — but neither can the likelihood of a connection be ignored outright, says a University of Waterloo climate scientist. Suggesting the two aren’t linked would be akin to arguing that no particular home run can be attributed to steroids when a baseball player on a hitting streak is caught doping, said Blair Feltmate, who’s also the head of the Waterloo-based Intact Centre on Climate Adaptation.
-The Canadian Press

06-16-18: Expert Panel on Climate Change Adaptation and Resilience Results delivers report
Taking action to help Canadians adapt to climate change is a priority for the Government of Canada.

06-01-18: Survey indicates polar bears in decline around southern Hudson Bay
An exhaustive survey of the world's most southerly polar bears has found a significant drop in their numbers that scientists fear could be climate change finally taking its toll on a population whose health has long been in decline.
-The Canadian Press

02-20-18: There will be floods — and Ontario’s not ready for them
How can we prepare for worst-case-scenario storms when climate change means we can’t accurately predict what the worst-case scenario is?

11-03-17: Climate change forces farmers to rethink crops in Windsor-Essex County
Climate change will mean agricultural change for farmers in Windsor-Essex County.
-Windsor Star

11-02-17: LU to help lead research into climate change
Al Douglas, director of the Ontario Centre for Climate Impact and Adaptation Resources at MIRARCO, a Laurentian University research centre, will hold a seat on Canada’s new expert panel on climate change adaptation and resiliency.
-Sudbury Star

10-09-17: What could climate change mean for Thunder Bay?
Recently, experts gathered at Lakehead University in Thunder Bay to share thoughts and perspectives on how climate change could affect the city and surrounding area, and how we need to adapt.
-CBC News

09-04-17: Simcoe County municipalities to partner for climate change initiative
Sustainable Severn Sound (SSS) and municipalities throughout Simcoe County have announced plans to develop a collaborative climate change action plan.
-Midland Mirror

09-03-17: 'We are not well prepared': An expert's view of climate change and the next big storm
The federal government has struck an expert panel to consider adaptation.
-CBC News

09-01-17: Spring floods in Quebec and Ontario cost $223M, insurance board says
Several weather systems that doused Quebec and eastern Ontario last spring resulted in more than $223 million in insured damage, the Insurance Bureau of Canada (IBC) reported Friday.
-Montreal Gazette

07-11-17: Climate change extending forest fire season in Ontario & Alberta, researcher finds
'Stroke of luck' Ontario forest fire season quiet so far: University of Toronto professor says.

05-04-17: Goal to anticipate, prepare for potential impacts, reduce risks
Barrie is preparing for Mother Nature's worst. A climate change adaption strategy will be considered by city councillors Monday, and the plan is timely - as severe weather in the form of rainfall hits this area.
-The Barrie Examiner

04-05-17: ICLR launches backwater valve installation website for homeowners and professionals
The Institute for Catastrophic Loss Reduction (ICLR) has launched a backwater valve installation website to provide basic information about sewage backflow prevention devices to assist homeowners in better understanding what they are and how they work, and aid plumbing professionals on the protocols that should be followed to ensure that such devices are installed properly.
-Canadian Underwriter

04-01-17: Five ways to garden with climate change
GRAND RIVER – Gardeners know first-hand that the weather has always been unpredictable, but the new normal under climate change has shown increased temperatures and more extreme weather events.
-Two Row Times

03-31-17: Climate change creating flood of claims
Major municipal asset management plan consideration.

03-31-17: Standards Council of Canada, Intact Centre on Climate Adaption to study flood resiliency for new residential communities
The Standards Council of Canada (SCC) and the Intact Centre on Climate Adaptation (Intact Centre) at the University of Waterloo have announced that they are joining forces to develop a new report on best practices for making new residential communities flood-resilient.
-Canadian Underwriter

03-07-17: Canada’s Buildings Will Finally Be Built With Climate Change In Mind
There’s just no way around it: building codes are deeply boring documents. The most recent National Building Code of Canada clocks in at 1,400 jargon-filled pages. Despite being a snore fest, it’s on its way to becoming an incredibly important tool in preparing new buildings for the worst impacts of escalating climate change and extreme weather events, such as flooding, hail and rain.

02-27-17: Exclusive: Building codes across Canada to be updated to reflect climate change
Canada’s national building codes will be changing over the next five years to adapt to the effects of climate change.
-Global News

02-26-17: Vancouver summers could get as warm as San Diego by 2050: Report
A September 2016 climate projections report by Metro Vancouver has made some eye-raising predictions.
-Global News

02-01-17: Extent of pole collapse from ice load surprises NB Power
Whether to reinforce utility-pole system is being looked at internally by power company.
-CBC News

01-22-17: Homeowners ill-informed about flood compensation, poll suggests
Internal poll for Public Safety reveals lack of awareness among Canadians about flood compensation.
-CBC News

01-09-17: Severe Weather Events Cost Canadians $5 Billion in 2016
From the wildfires that swept through Fort McMurray in May to the floods that devastated parts of Nova Scotia and Newfoundland over Thanksgiving weekend, severe weather had a huge impact on Canadians in 2016.
-Water Canada

01-03-17: Toronto commits to Resilient Cities program
The City of Toronto has taken a major step into the age of resilience, choosing a workshop held in December attended by some 100 community stakeholders to launch its participation in the international 100 Resilient Cities (100RC) program.
-Daily Commercial News

12-29-16: Windsor's Summers Increase Risk Of Mortality
Windsor is included in a new report showcasing the steps local governments are taking to address the increasing risk of extreme heat events.
-The Windsor Square

12-12-16: How will Toronto weather the storms of climate change?
What to do with all that water is the biggest challenge, deluge of 2013 shows.
-CBC news

12-10-16: 'It's a little scary': On Lennox Island, no one debates whether climate change is real
Lennox Island is a small Mi'kmaq community of 450 people off the coast of P.E.I. It's also a kind of canary in the coal mine when it comes to climate change.
-CBC news

12-06-16: Anticipating local impact from climate change
Local officials were discussing Monday how to prepare for the impact that extreme weather and natural disasters caused by a changing climate will have on municipal infrastructure.

12-05-16: An Unusually Warm Arctic Year: Sign of Future Climate Turmoil?
Atmospheric scientist Jennifer Francis has for five years propounded a widely discussed theory about the rapidly warming Arctic and global weather: Rising temperatures in the Arctic, closely intertwined with the loss of sea ice, are changing the shape of the jet stream and altering the weather of the Northern Hemisphere.

11-16-16: Northern Ontario plants, animals try to adapt to warm November weather
It is mid-November, but it does not feel like it across much of northern Ontario.

11-16-16: Climate change isn’t just raising the temperature, it’s changing ‘life itself’ for animals and ecosystems: study
The earth has warmed barely a single degree Celsius, and yet virtually no place on the planet is unaffected by climate change.
-Bloomberg News

10-31-16: Farming in the face of climate change
This summer Ontario farmers dealt with a severe drought, and more erratic weather is expected as climate change worsens. But for many, it's just another facet of an already erratic life.

10-31-16: Canada not ready for catastrophic effects of climate change, report warns
Canada is not prepared to handle the devastating and costly effects of increased flooding and extreme weather brought on by climate change, according to a new report released Monday.
-Global News

10-31-16: To Adapt to Climate Change, Retreat Is Necessary
Four years after Hurricane Sandy, many coastal communities recognize that rising oceans mean relocating their residents. But there is no consensus on how to do so.
-The Nation

10-27-16: Biggest threat to our water? Canadians agree it's one thing
A recent Water Attitudes survey conducted by the Royal Bank of Canada (RBC) found that Canadians increasingly see climate change as the single greatest threat to the country's fresh water supply.
-The Weather Network

10-14-16: Adaptation is the neglected “weak sister” of climate change
While senior levels of government obsess about emission targets and taxes for greenhouse gases, municipalities and community groups have been left alone to deal with an equally daunting challenge - how to appropriately adapt to climate change.

06-15-16: Climate Watch Shorts: How an unpredictable climate is changing life in Ontario
Climate Watch Shorts is an examination of our changing climate and how people are adapting to it.

05-31-16: National model building code should account for anticipated climate change: Auditor General report
Canada’s federal environment and climate change department “should work with partners” to figure out how to produce data used to measure intensity, duration and frequency of storms, and the National Research Council should “incorporate climate change trends” when developing structural design provisions in Canada’s model building code, environment and sustainable development commissioner Julie Gelfand suggested in a report released Tuesday.
-Canadian Underwriter

05-25-16: The second coming of the Dirty Thirties? Climate change will bring drought and depression
Some experts believe the wildfires at Fort McMurray suggest we should become accustomed to major disasters that may be linked to the long-term effects of climate change. But the stakes are different in the Prairies. According to a recent study from the University of Winnipeg, the Prairie region represents a unique case around the world.
-The Globe and Mail

05-23-16: Downhill turn for ski hills in northeastern Ontario after mild winter
The winter that was wasn't very easy on ski hill operators and resorts in northeastern Ontario, and now, one is considering hanging up the poles.
-CBC News

05-18-16: City of St. Catharines begins tackling climate change initiatives
Niagara Sustainability Initiative working with city on first phase of Compact of Mayors.
-Niagara this week

05-16-16: As climate change claims heat up, insurance industry says we need to adapt
"They lose sleep every time it rains really hard because they know they're going to get flooded basements," says Jason Thistlethwaite, a University of Waterloo professor who studies the insurance industry, about people in the business.
-CBC News

04-29-16: Construction Corner: Portal helps organizations factor in climate change
An Ottawa consultancy has unveiled a new online resource that’s designed to help organizations factor the impact of climate change into decisions relating to, among other things, infrastructure.
-Daily Commercial News

04-18-16: Positive results for the national symposium Adaptation Canada 2016
The first event of its kind in more than 10 years, the national symposium Adaptation Canada 2016, organized jointly by the Ouranos consortium on regional climatology and adaptation to climate change, and the Ontario Centre for Climate Impacts and Adaptation Resources (OCCIAR), gathered some 650 people to Ottawa from April 12-14.

04-12-16: Climate change adaptation may be necessary, conference hears
Ottawa symposium hears call for “proactive adaptation” to climate impacts from politicians, scientists.

03-17-16: Symposium Adaptation Canada 2016 - A first in Canada in 10 years - Stakeholders in the management of risks arising from climate change are meeting in Ottawa from April 12 to 14
MONTREAL, March 17, 2016 /CNW Telbec/ - The Ontario Centre for Climate Impacts and Adaptation Resources (OCCIAR) and the Ouranos consortium on regional climatology and adaptation to climate change are proud to present Adaptation Canada 2016: the first national symposium in ten years on the preparation for and management of risks associated with climate change.

03-17-16: Ontario Partnering With First Nations to Address Climate Change
Ontario continues to put its new Climate Change Strategy into action by investing $13 million in two initiatives to help Indigenous communities address climate change and support economic growth.
-Ontario Newsroom

02-29-16: Aboriginal leaders are warning of the mental health cost of climate change in the North
First Nations and Inuit communities in the North are coping with growing despair over climate change, a problem observers are connecting to mental health and social problems.

02-29-16: Mother Nature' making it tough for James Bay winter roads
About $2 million spent on winter roads that run between Attawapiskat and Smooth Rock Falls.

02-25-16: PBO says climate change-fuelled disasters to cost $900M over next five years
Storms, hurricanes and floods driven in part by climate change will cost the federal disaster fund $902 million a year over the next five years, well above past averages, the parliamentary budget officer predicted Thursday.

02-04-16: Ontario Investing $100 Million to Create Jobs and Help Homeowners Save Energy
The province is putting its new Climate Change Strategy into action by investing $100 million from the Ontario Green Investment Fund to take advantage of the economic and job opportunities in clean technologies and to help homeowners reduce their energy bills and cut greenhouse gas emissions.
-Ontario Ministry of Energy

02-04-16: Climate change could bring Zika to Canada: York prof
The mosquito responsible for spreading the virus can't survive in Canada's climate, but that could change.
-Toronto Metro News

01-06-16: North American crops among those most affected by climate change
Global food production is increasingly likely to be disrupted by extreme weather driven by climate change, say researchers behind a new analysis published on Wednesday in the journal Nature.
-The Globe and Mail

01-05-16: Climate change fears force Ontario icewine makers to adapt
A late deep freeze this winter may have lifted the spirits of Ontario's icewine industry, but the province's grape growers say bigger questions about the impact of a changing climate are creeping up on their business.
-CBC News


12-09-15: New study estimates future costs of climate change - Study builds case for infrastructure investment
Canadian communities need to adapt to avoid the projected increasing costs due to climate change, according to a new study by Insurance Bureau of Canada (IBC).

11-24-15: Montreal to tackle climate change over 5 years
The city announces 24 measures it will take to adapt to changing weather patterns due to global warming.
-CBC News

11-23-15: Canada warming at twice the global rate, scientists tell premiers conference
Canada's first ministers meet with Trudeau ahead of Paris climate change conference.
-CBC News

11-23-15: Climate Change Bringing Ontario Homeowners Flood Of Insurance Hikes. What You Can Do
Last summer, the people of Burlington, on the western edge of Lake Ontario, found themselves the target of a rogue weather system that dropped seven and a half inches of rain on their city in less than three hours.
-The Tyee

11-23-15: Researcher Greg Kopp wants hurricane clips mandatory
Greg Kopp has found there’s a simple, effective way to keep the roof of your home from being blown off by a tornado, not a bad idea in a province that gets its share of twisters.

11-23-15: How Ontario will lead in the fight against climate change: Glen Murray
For moral and economic reasons, says the province’s environment minister, it’s time to put a price on carbon.

11-23-15: Climat: Montréal se prépare au changement
Plus de tempêtes, mais moins de neige, nouvelle zone de rusticité plus clémente pour les plantes, moins de patinage et plus de baignade, le climat de Montréal change déjà et la Ville va continuer de s'adapter.

11-22-15: This Changes Everything coming to Sudbury
"This Changes Everything" is a film that demonstrates why the changes needed to avert climate chaos are our best chance to build the more equitable, liveable and healthier societies we want and need.
-The Sudbury Star

10-28-15: City of Vancouver responds to climate change threat to human health
By now, many British Columbians are aware of potential environmental and economic effects of runaway global warming. More extreme weather events, rising sea levels, and frequent forest fires are just three threats created by rising greenhouse-gas emissions.
-The Georgia Strait

10-07-15: Mayor raises climate change agenda for Brantford
Brantford Mayor Chris Friel is looking to move the city forward on a climate change agenda by early next year.
-Brant News

10-03-15: Pakistan judge orders state to enforce climate policies
In a precedent-setting decision, the Pakistani judiciary given direction on climate change and named a commission.

09-30-15: Climate change tragedy on horizon, ex-Bank governor Mark Carney says
Former Bank of Canada governor Mark Carney spoke at length this week about the impact of climate change on the insurance industry.

09-01-15: Massive investments still required to solve city flooding
The city is about to do a major study on ways to protect its flood-prone lower city.
-CBC News

08-31-15: City of Guelph working on how to prepare for climate change
Last week thousands were left without power as unprecedented wind and rain hammered cities in lower mainland British Columbia. As those communities clean up after the storm, the city of Guelph is already thinking about how to best prepare for the impacts of climate change, such as extreme weather events.

08-28-15: What climate change will mean for our local forests
From the Forest - Part 1 in a two part series about climate change.
-Parry Sound Northern Star

08-22-15: Climate change: Municipalities unprepared for 'weather whiplash,' warns meteorologist
Canadians can expect extreme shifts in weather from season to season.
-CBC News

08-21-15: Boreal forest being driven to tipping point by climate change, study finds
The changes could be very dramatic and very fast,' says one author of the study.
-CBC News

08-20-15: Earth just had its hottest month of ANY month ever recorded
Three major climate records - from NASA, the Japan Meteorological Agency and now NOAA - all confirm: July 2015 was not only the hottest month of July on record for the planet, but it also beat out every other climate record to become the hottest month of any month ever recorded.
-The Weather Network

08-18-15: Halifax to map out Sackville floodplains to ease climate change impact
A new study looking at the potential effects of flooding along two rivers in the Sackville area could mean future rule changes for planning in the area.
-Halifax Metro

07-21-15: ICES launches innovative research program on public health impacts of global climate change
Ongoing global climate change will carry with it an overall increase in temperature extremes and frequency of extreme weather events.

07-21-15: First Nations coastline study pinpoints Bras d'Or Lake erosion
Cape Breton's First Nations communities are reviewing a climate change study that identifies the parts of Bras d'Or Lake coastline most vulnerable to flooding and erosion.
-CBC News

07-20-15: Resilient energy plans for severe weather risks
Distributors urged to cut losses with proactive investment in climate change adaptation
Prolonged and costly power outages rank high among the severe weather risks that Canadians increasingly face. Precarious energy distribution systems, deferred maintenance and communication breakdowns have sometimes exacerbated the turmoil of events like the Alberta floods and southern Ontario ice storm of 2013.
-REMI Network

07-17-15: Preparing cities for a changing climate – before it’s too late
Shelters from the Storm
Rising sea levels, epic droughts, massive flooding: the effects of climate change are already here. How do we adapt? From the Netherlands to Manhattan’s Lower East Side, Alex Bozikovic explores the cutting-edge engineering – and cultural shifts – that could help.
-The Globe and Mail

07-14-15: Confusion Slows Adaptation to Climate Change
Ontario’s acting Environmental Commissioner said a lack of coordinated and easy-to-use projections for climate change is making it hard for government and business leaders to adapt to the new reality.
-Environmental Commissioner of Ontario

07-13-15: Wildfire future: Canada facing far more flames in years to come
From Vancouver, where the hazy orange air smelled like a campfire last week, to smoke-clouded Saskatchewan, wildfires are adding even more scorch to a hot summer.
-Daily Brew

07-09-15: News Release: Landmark Climate Statement Signed in Ontario
Climate Action Statement Strengthens Collaboration Across the Americas.
-Government of Ontario

06-16-15: Whistler to test snowmaking on glacier in battle against climate change
Whistler Blackcomb is planning to test snowmaking on the Horstman Glacier in an effort to battle the effects of climate change.
-Vancouver Sun

06-15-15: Canadian scientists help trees adapt to climate change
Canadian scientists are helping trees outrun climate change.
-Hamilton Spectator

05-25-15: Study Assesses 15 Canadian Cities’ Flood Preparedness
A new study assesses the level of preparedness of 15 major Canadian cities to limit flood damage. Commissioned by The Co-operators and written by Dr. Blair Feltmate from the Faculty of Environment at the University of Waterloo, the report aims to motivate cities to increase efforts to build resilience against flooding, and to provide a benchmark against which their progress can be measured.
-Renew Canada

05-25-15: Climate change smarts now part of core competency for professionals
Accountants and engineers who don’t consider potential effects of changing weather could be in hot water, professional associations warn.
-Business Vancouver

05-23-15: Changing climate brings ticks, Lyme disease into Canada
The blacklegged tick population is creeping northward into Canada, and with it climbs the risk of contracting Lyme disease.
-CTV News

05-07-15: Manitoba infrastructure won't withstand climate change, expert says
Storms last longer, occur more frequently and deliver more precipitation, which has economic fallout.
-CBC News

05-05-15: CPA Canada initiative helps businesses adapt to climate change
A new strategic initiative, sponsored by Chartered Professional Accountants of Canada and Natural Resources Canada, will help companies identify both risks and opportunities and adapt to the effects of climate change.
-CPA Canada

05-05-15: Climate change: Warming trend brings bitter harvest to B.C. farmers
Destructive storms, pests, sea-water encroachment among threats to the sector.
-Business Vancouver

05-03-15: Climate change's future can be mapped with nature's clock expert says
Lesser known study of phenology may have major impact on understanding climate change.
-CBC News

04-02-15: Moose DNA being used to study mysterious population decline
The connection between climate change and the decline of moose in parts of northern Ontario is the focus of a new study by Trent University PhD candidate Meredith Purcell.

04-01-15: Why FEMA Wants Your State to Stop Ignoring Climate Change
States could lose out on disaster preparedness funding if they don't plan for global warming.
-Mother Jones

03-25-15: Durham and Northumberland face future challenges with extreme weather and falling Lake Ontario water levels
Great Lakes economy could lose billions as lakeshore communities face huge swell of rain water in next four decades.

03-06-15: The role of Lake Ontario and the consequences of climate change to Durham
In December 2013, Durham was one of many communities struck by a severe ice storm, an event which caused hundreds of millions of dollars in damage across Ontario.

02-21-15: Sudbury considers impact of climate change
Good news for Greater Sudbury: city council is looking to the future by paying attention to the present. Kris Longston, a senior planner with the City of Greater Sudbury, will present to the planning committee on Monday parts of the city's official plan review that address food security and climate change.
-The Sudbury Star

02-02-15: Sailing family says climate change evident on Lake Superior
A Minnesota family is in Thunder Bay on Monday to share a story of life on a sailboat while studying climate change.
-CBC News

01-19-15: 300,000 at risk in Lower Mainland flood: experts
More than 300,000 homes and billions of dollars of infrastructure could be affected by a major flood in the Lower Mainland because our dikes haven’t been built to withstand more severe flooding caused by climate change, reports and experts say.
-CTV News Vancouver

01-14-15: Durham getting set for climate change
An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure – that old idiom could very well be the backbone for Durham Region’s plans to get ready for the changing planet and the potential problems down the road as a result of climate change.
-The Oshawa Express

01-13-15: Halifax urged to help homeowners abandon properties in flood plain
Halifax is being urged to give up on a $1.5 million project to stop flooding in the Bedford area in favour of a province-wide program that helps homeowners abandon properties in flood prone areas.

01-13-15: Carbon pricing coming to Ontario, strategy to be unveiled this year
The Ontario government is closing in on a plan to put a price on carbon emissions after nearly seven years of delays.
-The Globe and Mail

12-06-14: White House Releases Guidelines To Help Hospitals Prepare For Climate Change
The White House released guidelines this week aimed at helping hospitals adapt to the impacts of climate change, including increased risk of extreme weather and sea level rise.
-Climate Progress

12-03-14: U-M releases online tool to help cities in Great Lakes region plan for climate impacts
ANN ARBOR—Reduced water availability and quality, floods and problems related to heat stress are some of the potential impacts cities face with a changing climate.
-Michigan News

12-03-14: Health Unit Releases Climate Change Report
The Middlesex-London Health Unit says climate change is having an impact on the health of people in our region.

11-24-14: Waterloo researcher calls extreme weather the "new normal"
A University of Waterloo researcher says local home owners should start weather proofing their properties as extreme rain, wind and snow storms become the "new normal."
-CBC News

11-23-14: New climate normal' poses severe risks to development: World Bank report
As the planet warms further, heat-waves and other weather extremes that today occur once in hundreds of years, if ever, would become the “new climate normal,” creating a world of increased risks and instability.
-Prevention Web

11-21-14: Forget November freeze, 2014 likely to be globe’s hottest year
Despite a bitter U.S. cold snap, the globe is rushing hell-bent toward its warmest year on record with last month setting the fifth monthly heat record of the year.
-Hamiton Spectator

10-30-14: Climate change back this winter: Forecast
Nature had to “work overtime” to make 2013-14 the coldest wintertime since ’48, says Environment Canada’s senior climatologist. This year, expect “less grumbling, more melting, a few more thaws and not that ice-age-cometh look and feel.”

10-15-14: Brampton employees get dirty to offset climate change
Though climate change is a global issue with long-term consequences, 100 employees and brokers representing Intact Financial Corporation in Brampton took local action to address the effect of climate change.

10-15-14: Trees Ontario grant program now available to Island residents
Manitoulin landowners are now able to apply for subsidies that will allow them to reforest their properties. The 50 Million Tree Program, which is funded by the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry, is the Ontario government’s commitment to plant 50 million trees by 2025 to help fight climate change and re-green the province.
-The Manitoulin Expositor

10-09-14: RMOW prepared to deal with climate change
As the effects of climate change become apparent and instances of extreme weather occurrences become more common, municipalities across the country are taking steps to protect themselves.

09-18-14: Flood-wary Thunder Bay residents examine storm water master plan
2012 flood was a good example of how the city has to slow down water flows to sewer, resident says.
-CBC News/Thunder Bay

09-16-14: Tackling climate change in Northumberland
New strategy released for Ganaraska watershed.
-Northumberland News

08-22,29-14: CFFO: OECD report on Climate Change, Water and Agriculture
Part 1: Why it matters in Ontario
Part 2: What we can do about it
The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) recently released a report on their assessment of how climate change, water and agriculture are going to interact in the years ahead.
-Christian Farmers Federation of Ontario (CCFO)

08-27-14: Climate change impacts 'might already be considered dangerous'
Language stark in latest UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change report.
-The Associated Press

08-12-14: Designing Parking Facilities in a Changing Climate
Parking facilities are being redesigned to minimize the Urban Heat Island Effect and to efficiently manage storm water. Climate change is occurring in Canada and throughout the world, affecting our public health and our overall quality of life.
-Transportation Association of Canada

07-31-14: Is managing climate change a feel-good luxury for businesses?
Climate change has already had widespread consequences for businesses, such as disrupting Coca Cola’s sugar supply and decreased snow levels at ski resorts. Companies are just starting to figure out how climate change will affect their bottom line in the coming years.
-The Globe and Mail

07-25-14: NHL warns hockey’s future threatened by climate change
Hockey is taking steps to reduce its carbon footprint, for good reason: more than other pro sports, it depends on cold weather and clean water.
-Toronto Star

07-25-14: Sea level surge changing coastal P.E.I.
Prince Edward Island is slowly disappearing, parts of it anyway, and the UPEI Climate Research Lab demonstrated at a recent public meeting here just how climate change and rising sea levels are affecting the Garden of the Gulf.
-The Guardian

07-22-14: WBEZ Interview with Beth Gibbons: The Impact of Climate Change in the Great Lakes
WBEZ talks with Beth Gibbons, a program manager at the Great Lakes Integrated Sciences and Assessments Center at the University of Michigan. She works on climate change adaptation efforts in the Great Lakes region.

07-21-14: Canada's Cities Lead the Way on Climate Action
Amid the dire warnings about global warming's impacts, what's often overlooked is that actions to reduce or prevent them will lead to livable communities, improved air quality, protection of natural spaces and greater economic efficiency, to name just a few benefits. So it's not surprising that tangible positive action on climate change is happening in Canada's cities.
-The Huffington Post

07-21-14: Nova Scotia municipalities hunker down for climate change
Massive storms, rising mercury need urgent response, experts say.
-Herald News

06-15-14: From roof gardens to porous pavement, rain capturing takes region by storm
21 communities, schools, churches and businesses are planning to install rain capturing projects — from rooftop gardens and porous pavement to cisterns, wetlands and roadside swales — with a financial assist from the Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewerage District.
-Milwaukee – Wisconsin Journal Sentinel

06-04-14: Flood projects include ripping up asphalt
Five cities across Canada will see some of their asphalt torn up and replaced with porous brick and gravel this summer to help mitigate the flash flooding that frequently follows extreme rainfall.
-The Brampton Guardian

06-03-14: New CSA Group Standard Addressing Community Drainage System Planning, Design, and Maintenance in Canada's Far North Now Available for Online Public Review
CSA Group, a leading provider of standards development services, today announces that the fourth of four new standards to help address the impact of climate change in Northern Canada, as part of the Standards Council of Canada (SCC) Northern Infrastructure Standardization Initiative (NISI), is now available for a 60-day public review online.

06-02-14: New Brunswick coasts are at risk, climate change report says
Environment Minister Danny Soucy says new 'normals' in weather can have costly impacts. New Brunswick will have the highest annual per capita cost for damage to homes from coastal flooding in the Atlantic provinces, according to new climate change report.
-CBC News

05-12-14: Warmer, rainier weather the new norm for Ottawa region
Some climate scientists say more extreme weather events also more likely.
-CBC News

05-06-14: Climate change 'has moved firmly into the present,' U.S. report says
Report released Tuesday outlines regional impacts of climate change in the U.S.
-CBC News

05-02-14: The Resilience Imperative
With extreme as the new normal, climate change means we must change how we plan, build, and manage Canada’s infrastructure.
-Renew Canada

04-30-14: Climate change and health: Extreme heat a ‘silent’ killer
The latest report from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change predicts substantial increases in occurrences of extremely hot seasons throughout North America in early, middle and late 21st century.
-The Globe and Mail

04-25-14: Planning need for ‘wild weather’
Municipalities need to plan for frequent extreme weather events in the future lest climate change has a big impact on their budgets.
-Fort Frances Times Online

01-20-14: Extreme weather cost Canada record $3.2B, insurers say
The spate of severe weather disruptions across Canada over the past year caused insurers to pay out a record $3.2 billion in claims, the industry says.
-CBC News

01-20-14: Cities, Ontario tackle Great Lakes resiliency to climate change together
At its mid-year meeting Friday hosted by Windsor Mayor Eddie Francis, mayors of the Great Lakes and St. Lawrence Cities Initiative launched the Municipal Adaptation and Resiliency Service (MARS).

01-14-14: Hazel-like storm could flood 1,000 homes
More than 1,000 properties in the city are at risk of being overwhelmed by creek flooding in a hurricane Hazel-like storm, a local mapping analysis shows.

01-09-14: As ice storm costs top $250 million, Ontario cities urge feds to increase disaster relief funding
A winter ice storm that swept across much of Ontario last month was so extreme and caused so much damage that it has left cities struggling to cover the cost of recovery, and calling for the country to change the way we react to increasingly-common extreme weather event.
-Daily Brew

11-07-13: New Climate Change Study Advances Infrastructure Resilience Conversation in Canada
A new report by the Winnipeg-based International Institute for Sustainable Development (IISD) released today on the implications of climate change on Canada's infrastructure represents an important step forward in the national conversation about infrastructure resilience.

11-07-13: Climate change hits home
It’s important to protect your home from increasingly volatile weather.
-Ottawa Citzen

11-06-13: Greenhouse gas levels hit new record high
CO2 emissions grew faster in 2012 than in previous decade, WMO reports.

10-30-13: New city zoning plans tied to changes in climate
City officials proposed new zoning rules Tuesday that would require developers of large new buildings in Boston to submit plans to deal with flooding, heat waves, and other potential complications of climate change as sea levels and temperatures are projected to rise.
-The Boston Globe

10-28-13: Climate change impacting lowland
A local biologist says until about 20 years ago, the Hudson's Bay lowlands had not experienced a rise in air temperature and the region seemed resistant to climate change. Sadly, a recent study shows the situation has been deteriorating since the mid-1990s.
-The Sudbury Star

10-22-13: Puzzling moose deaths hint at climate shock to forests
Moose in the northern US are dying in what could be the start of a huge climate shock to the world's boreal forests.
-New Scientist

09-27-13: Global warming 'extremely likely' to be man-made, UN panel says
Scientists can now say with extreme confidence that human activity is the dominant cause of the global warming observed since the 1950s, a new report by an international scientific group said Friday.
-CBC News

09-27-13: Global warming pause is a mirage: the science is clear and the threat real
The landmark new report from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) is crystal clear: human action is warming the planet and we're heading for big trouble if carbon emissions are not slashed. As Prof Tim Palmer, at the University of Oxford put it: "The report is further reinforcement that there is an unequivocal risk of dangerous climate change."
-The Guardian

09-17-13: Massive Toronto summer storm cost city about $65 million
The massive storm that tore through Toronto two months ago cost the city more than $10-million on the operating side and more than $55-million on the capital side, according to initial estimates released Tuesday.
-The National Post

09-15-13: No flood-insurance policies in Canada without new maps: poll of CEOs
Insurance executives say homeowners will never have access to comprehensive flood insurance in Canada unless there are new maps of flood-prone areas that take climate change into account.
-Global Toronto

08-20-13: Future flooding scenario shows Metro Vancouver at risk
Losses could hit $63 billion US a year by 2050 for 136 largest coastal cities.
-CBC News

08-12-13: Sewer backup insurance shouldn't be an option, says broker
For Kip Van Kempen, president of Best Buy Insurance in Ajax, Ontario, sewer back up coverage isn't an option - it is a necessity.
-Insurance Business

08-08-13: Is extreme weather the new normal?
No easy answers, suggests Canada’s weather guru David Phillips.
-CBC News

08-07-13: 2012 broke sea level, sea ice records, climate report shows
8th or 9th warmest year on record.
-CBC News

08-05-13: Arctic ice grows darker and less reflective
Arctic ice is losing its reflective sheen.
-New Scientist

08-02-13: The Climate Is Set to Change 'Orders of Magnitude' Faster Than at Any Other Time in the Past 65 Million Years
The pace of global warming is going to make it difficult if not impossible for species to find appropriate habitats.
-The Atlantic

07-30-13: The Extraordinary Steps Health Care Providers Are Taking To Prepare For Climate Change
On October 29, as Superstorm Sandy downed power lines and flooded New York streets, 300 patients were evacuated from New York University’s Langone Medical Center after one of its backup generators, located in the basement, was knocked out. Twenty babies in neonatal intensive care went first, followed by the sickest adults. The evacuation took about 15 hours to complete.
-Climate Progress

07-30-13: Alberta, Toronto floods may cost TD insurance $125M
TD Bank says it expects to book as much as $125 million in losses in its insurance business related to the recent floods in Alberta and Toronto.
-CBC News

07-30-13: Water flushes through a greatly widened drain below Great Lakes Michigan, Huron
Every time dredging widened and deepened the hole at the bottom of the lakes, the federal government was supposed to engineer a fix to maintain water levels - but it never did.

07-27-13: Does Lake Michigan's record low mark beginning of new era for Great Lakes?
Despite above-average precipitation, lake has seen below-average water levels for 14 years running. Less ice cover and more dark open water may explain why.

06-13-13: Flooding in Essex County and Windsor after heavy rainfall
Heavy rainfall on Wednesday night has led to flooding issues in parts of Ontario.
-The Weather Network

06-10-13: New York lays out $20 billion plan to adapt to climate change
New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg on Tuesday announced a $20 billion plan to prepare for rising sea levels and hotter summers expected as a result of climate change in the coming decades.

06-04-13: Birds migrating at wrong time for warmer climate
Purple martins too late to catch crucial spring peak in food supply, Canadian researchers find.
-CBC News

06-04-13: Great Lakes economy forced to adapt to warming waters
Lower lake levels, more frequent algal blooms, a reduced capacity to buffer acid rain, worsening spring floods, and changing fisheries - these are a few of the host of new issues that will impact the ecology and economy of the Great Lakes as the climate warms.
-Crain's Detroit Business

06-03-13: Groups want cap on Nestlé's water permit during droughts
Tribunal asked to review Ontario decision to drop licence conditions for Guelph-area well.
-CBC News

05-30-13: International Joint Commission issues Great Lakes report card
Over the past 25 years, environmental protection measures have greatly improved the health of the Great Lakes. However, the region's waterways are facing new issues. According to the International Joint Commission's latest progress report, warmer temperatures are having a dramatic effect on the ecological health of the Great Lakes.
-Great Lakes Echo

05-30-13: The Jet Stream: How Its Response To Enhanced Arctic Warming Is Driving More Extreme Weather
-Climate Progress

05-30-13: Toronto issues first heat alert of the year
The City of Toronto issued a heat alert early Thursday.
-The Weather Network

05-30-13: Downburst, not tornado, caused damage in Brampton overnight
Strong winds resulted in some heavy damage in central Brampton early Wednesday morning, uprooting trees and stripping a wall off of a warehouse.
-The Toronto Star

05-29-13: Weather disasters increasing, insurance industry warns
The Insurance Bureau of Canada says the frequency, severity and cost of extreme weather in Canada are increasing, with Alberta leading the way.
-CBC News

05-29-13: Experts look at whether Brampton was hit by a downburst
Experts with Environment Canada are taking a look to see what fueled a major storm in Brampton that caused severe wind damage in the area.
-CTV News

05-22-13: Storms cut power in southern Ontario, severe thunderstorm risk continues Wednesday
Thunderstorms blasted across southern Ontario on Tuesday leaving more than 3,000 customers without power through the night.
-The Weather Network

05-21-13: Warmer winters forecast for city
From 2012 to 2050, temperatures in Greater Sudbury will go up between 2.5 and 3.5 degrees, a senior planner with the city says.
-Sudbury Star

05-21-13: Watershed study applauded
Ramcharan, an associate professor of biology at Laurentian University, was pleased with council's unanimous decision last week to begin a watershed and sub-watershed study for the City of Greater Sudbury.
-Sudbury Star

March 2013: Retrofitting Homes to Reduce Basement Flood Risk Lessons Learned
Over the past few years, the Institute for Catastrophic Loss Reduction (ICLR) has retrofitted 10 Canadian homes to exemplify measures that can be taken by homeowners to reduce risk from hazards that affect communities across the country, including severe wind, wildfire, earthquake, and basement flooding.
-Municipal World

March 2013: Change in the Weather
As changes in climate become more severe, engineers are making an effort to prepare for the future.
-PE Magazine

01-31-13: Ontario Farmland Forum to Discuss Climate Change and Rising Energy Prices
Ontario's farmers have been dealing with unpredictable weather events, while trying to manage rising energy prices. With these new realities, it's important that farmers and rural communities find creative ways to adapt to this new changing reality.

01-23-13: Outdoor rink climate change project gets hundreds of citizen scientists
Wilfrid Laurier University researchers recruit RinkWatch participants to record climate patterns.
-CBC News

01-21-13: Ont. fruit growers backed to plan against future frosts
Ontario fruit growers hit by frost in 2012 will be able to get federal/provincial funds to help map out strategies against such damage in the future.
-Grain News

Nov. 2012: In GTA, 42 areas at risk in a superstorm-scale hurricane
For most people in Toronto, Hurricane Sandy's arrival here meant a blustery night and a chance of having to do without power. In the U.S. eastern seaboard, however, dozens of deaths, flooded subway lines and hundreds of destroyed homes served as a warning of what an extreme storm can do to a major city.
-Global News

08-30-12: Windsor climate change adaptation plan approved by committee
Climate change is altering Windsor's weather patterns.
-CBC News

08-19-12: Climate change: How Toronto is adapting to our scary new reality
Michael D'Andrea had no notion that August day just how wrathful the afternoon would turn, how calamitous, what an effect it would have on the city's future.

08-17-12: Smaller Ontario communities are leaders in adapting to climate change
We expect news on innovative ways of coping with climate change to come from Chicago, Vancouver, Seattle and Toronto, cities that have burnished their reputations as environmental leaders.
But smaller cities in Ontario have also quietly done their bit.

08-17-12: Is Toronto Ready for Climate Change?
"Imagine a 43- or 44- degree day, which we have repeatedly had this summer with the humidex, and then with a severe thunderstorm," muses Franz Hartmann, executive director of the Toronto Environmental Alliance.

08-17-12: The benefits of trees in avoiding and adapting to climate change
In the city that inspired "The Maple Leaf Forever," the maple leaf may not be for long.

08-15-12: Global Warming a "fit" for high temperatures
Temperatures last month fell somewhere between Satan's barbecue and the Sun's surface; it was hot, in other words.
-The Oshawa Express

08-15-12: Only 2 percent of Canadians don't believe in climate change: poll
Only 2 percent of Canadians who responded to a new poll believe climate change is not occurring.
-The Globe and Mail

08-08-12: City of Windsor seeks public input on Climate Change Adaptation Plan
The City of Windsor is asking the public for comments and a name for its proposed Climate Change Adaptation Plan, a component under the City of Windsor's Environmental Master Plan.

08-03-12: Extreme weather a wake-up call
Weird weather has been much in the news this summer.
-Daily Commercial News

08-03-12: Climate change is here - and worse than we thought
When I testified before the Senate in the hot summer of 1988, I warned of the kind of future that climate change would bring to us and our planet. I painted a grim picture of the consequences of steadily increasing temperatures, driven by mankind's use of fossil fuels.
But I have a confession to make: I was too optimistic.
-The Washington Post

08-03-12: City to map flooding hot spots
The city is digitally mapping about 900 flooding "hot spots" across the city that crews inspect in advance of a big storm.

07-26-12: Wild Canadian weather
CBC's Briar Stewart reports on Canada's summer of wild weather and how it could affect insurance rates
-CBC News

07-26-12: Flood risk tool puts Hamilton on the map
Insurance Bureau project was two years in the making

Hamilton is poised to test-drive a new flood risk assessment tool designed to help residents across Canada - including hundreds in this city - regain lost insurance coverage for sewage-soaked basements.

07-26-12: Storms Threaten Ozone Layer Over U.S., Study Says
Strong summer thunderstorms that pump water high into the upper atmosphere pose a threat to the protective ozone layer over the United States, researchers said on Thursday, drawing one of the first links between climate change and ozone loss over populated areas.
-The New York Times

07-25-12: Great Lakes Water Temperatures At Record Levels
Looking to escape to the beach this summer? Well, before you book that trip to Cape Cod or the Outer Banks of North Carolina, you might want to consider an unorthodox option - the shores of Lake Superior. The lake, which is the northernmost, coldest, and deepest of the five Great Lakes, is the warmest it has been at this time of year in at least a century, thanks to the mild winter, warm spring, and hot, dry summer.
-Climate Central

07-25-12: Weather Extremes Leave Parts of U.S. Grid Buckling
From highways in Texas to nuclear power plants in Illinois, the concrete, steel and sophisticated engineering that undergird the nation's infrastructure are being taxed to worrisome degrees by heat, drought and vicious storms.
-The New York Times

05-16-12: Canada's butterfly migration is largest on record
300 million red admiral butterflies estimated from Windsor to New Brunswick

Butterflies have migrated across Eastern Canada this spring in unprecedented numbers, reflecting the warm winter throughout North America and raising alarm bells about what it might mean for other species.
-CBC News

05-16-12: Studies offer cities advice on tackling climate risks
Urban areas need to build in additional capacity to adapt to the range of threats posed by climate change, research has shown.
-BBC News

05-15-12: Hot enough for you? Canadians brace for heat, wind and drought
Get ready to crank up the AC and seek refuge from bursts of wild, windy weather, as one hot summer is being predicted for much of Canada.
-Globe and Mail

05-02-12: Plan for climate change, area municipalities told
Planning for climate change and adapting to it is key, said Al Douglas, director at Laurentian University's Ontario Centre for Climate Impacts and Adaptation Resource.

03-13-12: Great Lakes show massive ice loss, study says
Journal of Climate study attributes shrinking ice cover to global warming.
-CBC News

03-06-12: Outdoor skating rinks threatened by climate change
A new study suggests Canada's favourite pastime is on its way to being an indoor-only sport in some areas of the country.
-CBC News

02-23-12: Climate change concerns raised by insurance industry
The Insurance Bureau of Canada is warning people of the "unequivocal" evidence of climate change and is urging the public and governments to take the changing weather patterns seriously.
-CBC News

01-12-12: NASA says Canada in 'hot spot' of ecological change - Prairie grasslands and boreal regions to shift north by 2100
A new NASA study predicts massive ecological changes for Canada's Prairies and boreal regions by the year 2100.
-CBC News

01-12-12: Beetles and climate change threaten maples, official says
The very symbol of Canada could start to die in Ontario within a decade, the province's environment commissioner said Tuesday.
-The Recorder and Times

01-12-12: Province announces $903K grant for GRCA
The new water management plan for the Grand River watershed just got $903,000 worth of good news.
-Woodstock Sentinel Review

01-08-12: Boreal ducks threatened by climate change - Ducks doomed by earlier snow melts brought on by global warming, study finds
Scientists long puzzled by the rapid decline in millions of Canadian boreal ducks since the 1970s think they may finally have the cause: global warming.
-CBC News

12-30-11: Quebec on the verge of catastrophic climate change, expert say
Record floods, melting permafrost, shoreline erosion and intense winds caused havoc for thousands of Quebecers as 2011 proved to be yet another year of higher than normal temperatures.
-The Gazette

12-5-11: Carbon dioxide emissions break growth records
Emissions rebound fast from global financial crisis, driven by developing world

Global carbon dioxide emissions hit a record 9.1 billion tonnes in 2010, after a year of the highest growth ever, a new study has found.

11-18-11: Adapt to extreme weather or pay price, expert warns Co-author of IPCC report Gordon McBean outlines global trends, risks
The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) released a report Friday examining the risks posed by extreme weather events, which the panel says are becoming increasingly frequent around the world. We talked to one of the report's co-ordinating lead authors about what general trends he and his colleagues found and how these trends might impact Canada.
-CBC News

10-26-11: Watershed council takes on climate change
ADAPTATION: Linda Mortsch, a researcher with Environment Canada, explains to the Muskoka Watershed Council what effect climate change could have on the Muskoka watershed, and urges the group to start strategizing in order to adapt. The lecture was part of the group's 10-year anniversary celebration held Oct. 20 in Huntsville.

10-16-11: Climate charter to change Hamilton - Charter reflects grassroots efforts
A coalition of environmental groups and the City of Hamilton will introduce the first Climate Change Action Charter in Ontario Monday.

10-12-11: Hamilton First in Ontario with Climate Charter
Hamilton introduces the first community Climate Change Charter in Ontario. Clean Air Hamilton, Green Venture, Environment Hamilton and other community groups have team up to introduce and endorse Hamilton's Climate Change Action Charter in the community.
-Clean Air Hamilton

08-16-11: U.S. cities prepare to adapt to climate change
In Chula Vista, Calif., new waterfront buildings will be required to have higher foundations because of an expected rise in sea levels.
-USA Today

08-15-11: Climate change will halve the Canadian trout population: study
Research suggests that climate change will make it harder and harder for anglers to find a good trout stream in the future.
-The Star

08-12-11: Alberta beefs up wildfire-readiness funding
The Alberta government is pumping additional cash into a program to reduce wildfire risk for communities in the province's forest areas.
-The Canadian Press

08-08-11: How-to Strategies: Projecting the impact of climate change
Canada's water resources scientists and engineers generally agree that climate change will have an impact on our water; however, we have not incorporated climate change assessments into many of our water management efforts.
-Water Canada

07-25-11: Study urged for London on climate change risks
Washed-out roads, crumbled bridges, flooded homes - lives at risk.
-The London Free Press

07-21-11: Climate change threatens to spoil Ontario's signature wines
Ontario's wine makers are fighting to protect their grapes against Mother Nature's wrath.
-The Globe and Mail

07-19-11: Basement flooding subsidy program expanded
City council has decided to expand Windsor's basement flooding protection subsidy program to all homeowners in the city.
-CBC News

06-28-11: Peel Announces Region-wide Climate Change Strategy
Peel's new Climate Change Strategy is the first in Canada to bring together a regional government with its area municipalities and conservation authorities for local action on environmental issues.
-The Brampton News

06-27-11: Roads washed out throughout West Quebec
Days of heavy rainfall leading into the weekend left Gatineau residents with flooded homes, washed out highways and forced the evacuation Gatineau Park's Lac Phillipe campground on Sunday.
-CBC News

06-24-11: Tornado spotted in Ottawa during fierce storm
Gatineau, Que., residents are cleaning up washed-out streets and pumping out dozens of flooded basements on Friday, following a fierce thunderstorm that spawned a tornado over west Ottawa.
-CBC News

06-24-11: Mississauga's better way
Matthew Williams sees Mississauga's plan for a $1.2 billion light rail line (LRT) along Hurontario St. as being about more than just transit.
-The Star

06-23-11: How Will Climate Change Impact the Great Lakes?
Scientists believe this is the future of the Great Lakes basin as it begins to feel the impacts of climate change.

06-13-11: Climate change is real: an open letter from the scientific community
Today, The Conversation launches a two-week series from the nation's top minds on the science behind climate change and the efforts of "sceptics" to cloud the debate.
-The Conversation

06-13-11: Manitoba flood likely most costly: Ashton
Manitoba's Emergency Measures Minister says the flood of 2011 likely will be the most costly flood event in the province's history.
-CBC News, Canada

06-13-11: Cities try to adapt to heat waves
Canadian governments are looking for ways to beat the heat as they become increasingly aware of the dangers climate change poses not just to the environment but to public health as well.
-CBC News, Politics

06-12-11: Floods linked to climate change: officials
After four soggy years of flooded pastures and ruined crops, the Manitoba government is looking at how to help frustrated farmers cope with climate change in the province's Interlake region.
-CBC News, Technology and Science

06-8-11: Ontario storms cause sweeping power outages
-CBC News

06-3-11: Hot enough for you? Preparing for Canada's 100-year heat wave
-Globe and Mail

05-29-11: Are You Ready for More?

05-29-11: Worst ever carbon emissions leave climate on the brink

05-22-11: A City Prepares for a Warm Long-Term Forecast
-The New York Times

04-21-11: Climate Ready: Ontario's Adaptation Strategy and Action Plan
-Ontario Minister of the Environment

04-20-11: Canada needs flood insurance solution: Report
-Toronto Sun

04-05-11: Conservation agency installs rain gauges
-The Sudbury Star

03-15-11: First phase of climate change plan complete
"Local stakeholders highlighted six main themes that outlined specific requirements of our community."
-The Oshawa Express

03-09-11: Altered state: As climate changes occur, governments are putting in motion plans to adapt - but homeowners can help too
-Ottawa Sun

03-09-11: Prepare yourself for climate change, Nobel winner warns
"The models project a range of temperature increase from 0.6-2.5 degrees Celsius by 2030 and 1.5-7.5 degrees Celsius by 2080."
-The Recorder & Times

03-06-11: Provincial rules and the Red River Floodway
"Manitoba's largest city and economic heartbeat must be protected from major flooding. At the same time, communities outside the diversion should not pay the price."
-CBC News

03-06-11: Climate change to impact those least responsible: Study
"Countries that produce the least greenhouse gases per-capita also tend to be the most vulnerable."

03-03-11: How the emerald ash borer survives Canadian winters
"The warmer it is, the faster they develop."
-The Sault Star

03-01-11: Extreme winter weather linked to climate change
"This winter's heavy snowfalls and other extreme storms could well be related to increased moisture in the air due to global climate change."
-Reuters Canada

02-18-11: Climate change is here, environmental commissioner says
"The impact of climate change is no longer theoretical and is evident in the extreme weather and warm temperatures being experienced."
-The Observer

02-14-11: Recent green energy investments in Ontario
"Companies setting up operations in Ontario [...], which pays above-market rates to developers of power from clean sources like the sun and wind."

01-07-11: Governments Work Together to Address Climate Change
"Joint investment in this three-year program aims to help Ontario decision-makers better prepare for extreme weather impacts."

12-29-10: East coast storms signal effects of climate change, weather expert says
"Recent storms have caused more than $50-million in damage."
-The Globe and Mail

09-28-10: Environmental Commissioner releases 2009/2010 Annual Report

08-12-10: Bylaw request aims at idling vehicles
"Environmental activists targeted idling vehicles at a policy committee meeting on Aug. 11."
-Northern Life

08-10-10: 'Volleyball' From the Sky
"South Dakota Storm Produces Record Hailstone"
-National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)

08-07-10: Premiers differ on climate change
"All say they're keen to tackle the problem, but disagree dramatically on how to do so."

08-06-10: Hot, dry weather taps Lake Nipissing
"Lake Nipissing is continuing to drop, but it's not because any dams have been adjusted."
-The Sudbury Star

07-22-10: Superior is Warming Up
"There's a distinct possibility Superior could hit a record, or near-record temperature, this summer."
-The Sudbury Star

07-21-10: Adapting to Climate Change
"A $6.6-million program to help the Prairie provinces deal with the impact of climate change on water resources, forests and grasslands was announced."

07-19-10: Lake Superior, a Huge Natural Climate Change Gauge, Is Running a Fever
"The waters are some 15 degrees warmer than they would normally be at this time of year."
-The New York Times

07-14-10: Calgary hail shrunk by cloud-seeding planes
"Insurance companies hire weather modification company to minimize damage."
-CBC News

07-14-10: Greenland iceberg could be Canada-bound
"An iceberg about seven square kilometres in size broke off Greenland's Jakobshavn Isbrae glacier."
-CBC News

03-31-09: Climate change could put Canada's Arctic whales in hot water
"There are likely to be significant losses of polar 'specialist' species and a general shift of more temperate species towards the poles."
-The Globe and Mail