Adaptation Canada 2016

National Symposium on Climate Change Adaptation

A national symposium showcasing Canada’s preparedness for managing risks associated with changing climate.

The impacts of extreme weather events and variability in climate are posing significant challenges to Canadians across the country, both in their work and personal lives. Climate models project that these changes will continue and even increase in the future. Along with reducing greenhouse gas emissions in an effort to mitigate climate change, Canada needs to adapt – that is, adjust the way it operates and makes decisions in order to assess and manage the risks associated with a changing climate.

Held in April of 2016, this national symposium provided opportunities for industry, government, non-governmental organizations, practitioners, scientific experts, decision-makers, and others to network, discuss, and learn about the latest products and tools in the field of climate change impacts and adaptation from across Canada. The symposium included 3 days of plenary and keynote addresses, concurrent session presentations including adaptation within industry sectors such as mining, forestry, energy, transportation, and insurance. This event highlighted the multitude of research, information and tools that have been developed to understand and manage climate risks.

Who attended?

Representatives from private industry, public and private sectors, federal, provincial, and municipal governments, NGOs, consultants, practitioners and others. The symposium provided unmatched learning and networking opportunities to help organizations adapt to climate change.

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