Ontario Regional Adaptation Collaborative (2012-2016)

Natural Resources Canada's Climate Change Impacts & Adaptation Division (CCIAD) program Enhancing Competitiveness in a Changing Climate (2012-2016) was designed to facilitate collaboration focused on the development and sharing of knowledge, tools, and practices to assist decision-makers in the analysis and implementation of adaptation measures.

Under this program, the "Adaptation Platform" was formed to strengthen collaborative work on adaptation between the public and private sectors. Building on the momentum of the Regional Adaptation Collaborative (RAC) and Innovative Risk Management Tools (Tools) program, NRCan has developed a new Regional Adaptation Collaborative (RAC 2012-2016) designed to build on RAC products and networks, and to promote products developed through the various working groups of the "Adaptation Platform". The RAC (2012-2016) program supported adaptation in specific sectors and themes that are most important and relevant to each jurisdiction.

Similar to the first RAC program (2007-2011), this initiative included work in six regions across Canada. They operated from 2012-2016 with the Ontario RAC being hosted at OCCIAR. Over the course of the program, OCCIAR engaged Ontario RAC partners to take stock of the products developed as part of the Ontario RAC, and to gather input on adaptation needs for Ontario. In addition, OCCIAR played a role in disseminating products developed through the Adaptation Platform to its Ontario stakeholder network.

The Ontario RAC (2012-2016) also aimed to enhance adaptation action in Ontario's northern communities and key resource sectors including mining, forestry, and energy sectors; help strengthen existing adaptation networks in Ontario to build adaptive capacity and bolster adaptation planning and action; and strengthen Ontario's knowledge in areas of Measuring Progress and Adaptation Economics - all of which were shared with the Working Groups under the "Adaptation Platform". Overall, the Ontario RAC (2012-2016) encouraged the mainstreaming of adaptation into policy and business decision-making in Ontario.

RAC (2012-2016) Products

A series of products resulted from this work:

National Assessment Syntheses

The Climate Change Impacts and Adaptation Division (CCIAD) of Natural Resources Canada leads the development of collaborative, national and sectoral science assessments that present the latest knowledge on climate change impacts and adaptation for Canadians. In order to help communicate the latest climate change science and key messages in a concise manner to sectors and stakeholders across Ontario, OCCIAR developed the following tailored materials to promote the results of Canada in a Changing Climate: Sector Perspectives on Impacts and Adaptation.

Chapter 2: An Overview of Canada’s Changing Climate Chapter 3: Natural Resources Chapter 3: Forestry Sector Chapter 3: Mining Sector Chapter 3: Energy Sector Chapter 4: Food Production Chapter 5: Industry Chapter 6: Biodiversity and Protected Areas Chapter 7: Human Health Chapter 8: Water and Transportation Infrastructure Chapter 9: Adaptation, Linking Research and Practice


Adaptation Canada 2016 (April, 2016) Electricity in a Changing Climate: Bringing Ontario Leaders Together (December, 2013) Building Municipal Resilience in Central Ontario (May, 2015) Accessing and Interpreting Climate Change Information for Decision Making in Northern Ontario (November, 2015)

IPCC 5th Assessment Report