Expert Panels

  1. Canada’s Expert Panel on Climate Change Adaptation and Resilience Results

    “Enhancing our understanding of how best to measure Canada’s progress on climate change adaptation will support the Government’s efforts to help Canadians prepare for the impacts of a changing climate.” - Catherine McKenna, Minister of Environment and Climate Change

    In June 2018, Canada's Expert Panel on Climate Change Adaptation and Resilience Results released their report, Measuring Progress on Adaptation and Climate Resilience: Recommendations to the Government of Canada.

    The mandate of the Expert Panel was to propose indicators to the Government of Canada to measure the overall progress on adaptation and climate resilience. Following approximately eight months of deliberation, the newly released report presents 54 indicators collectively derived by the Expert Panel across five chapters:

    • Protecting and Improving Human Health and Well-Being
    • Supporting Particularly Vulnerable Region
    • Reducing Climate-Related Hazards and Disaster Risks
    • Building Climate Resilience through Infrastructure
    • Translating Scientific Information and Indigenous Knowledge into Action

    The Expert Panel also considered how to implement a sustainable approach to monitoring progress on implementation and details an approach to mobilizing the proposed indicators through a sustainable, robust, broadly applicable monitoring and evaluation framework.

    OCCIAR’s Director, Al Douglas, is a member of the Expert Panel.

  2. Ontario’s Expert Panel on Climate Change Adaptation

    "The issue of climate change impacts and adaptation is of such fundamental importance to the Province now and into the long-term future that nothing less than a broadly conceived, across the board strategy and action plan for climate resilience will suffice."

    Ontario's Expert Panel on Climate Change Adaptation final report Adapting to Climate Change in Ontario: Towards the Design and Implementation of a Strategy and Action Plan was released by Ontario's Ministry of the Environment in 2009. The Expert Panel on Climate was assembled to provide advice on measures to help the Ontario government understand how to prepare and plan for climate change impacts.

    To accomplish this, the Expert Panel met with senior level government managers from 17 provincial ministries and government agencies. During these meetings, the ministries and agencies outlined:

    • The ways in which they saw their sector's activities, policies and programs being vulnerable to climate change;
    • How they saw their existing management methods, adaptive strategies, policies or programs dealing with, or how they could deal with, climatic variations and change; and
    • Their evaluation of their capacity to adapt, and what might improve that adaptive ability in the face of changing climatic conditions and their effects.

    The report includes 59 recommendations to help Ontario understand climate change impacts, reduce risks and take advantage of beneficial opportunities resulting from climate change. The government will be using this report to develop ways to improve Ontario's ability to address climate change impacts.