Project: Northern Climate Change Network (NCCN)


The Climate Adaptation Partner Grants, delivered through the Federation of Canadian Municipalities (or FCM) and funded by the Government of Canada, will enable 12 partner organizations across Canada to provide training and guidance to more than 70 municipalities on how to adapt to climate change. The partner organizations will use the funding to develop peer learning networks, which are groups of five municipalities or more in a region or province that face similar geographic or climate conditions and have common goals. The objective is to help communities collaborate and share knowledge to improve their ability to adapt to the impacts of climate change. The Northern Climate Change Network (NCCN) is part of this initiative.

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Northern Climate Change Network (NCCN)

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The Northern Climate Change Network (NCCN) is a working group between five municipalities in northern Ontario to assess and manage the impacts of climate change on communities, infrastructure, and natural systems. The NCCN includes:

This initiative will lead to a reduction in climate change vulnerability for municipalities across the north through two avenues. First, the initiative will increase the capacity and knowledge of northern municipalities and stakeholders to assess their vulnerability to climate change and develop adaptation solutions. To accomplish this, OCCIAR will facilitate peer-to-peer dialogue (e.g. webinars, regional workshops) and will develop and disseminate northern-focused resources (e.g. regional climate data, adaptation options). Secondly, the initiative will directly support vulnerability and risk assessments, or support progress on implementation of adaptation for municipalities with existing plans. Recognizing that each municipality will be at different stages in the adaptation planning process, OCCIAR will spur action on adaptation planning or implementation by coordinating and sharing existing resources, providing additional research and dialogue, addressing gaps and helping overcome barriers.

Participating municipalities will work on projects, such as assessing their vulnerability to climate change impacts, creating plans to adapt to climate change, and improving municipal systems and facilities to meet specific local needs. In addition to the member municipalities, surrounding communities are welcome to join the network and participate in the peer-to-peer dialogue. By working together, they will develop innovative solutions to the climate change impacts they face.

This initiative is made possible by the Climate Adaptation Partner Grants that is delivered through the Federation of Canadian Municipalities and funded by the Government of Canada.


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