Project: Climate Change Adaptation Community of Practice (CCACoP)

A community of practice is a “group of people who share a concern or a passion for something they do and learn how to do it better as they interact regularly” – Etienne Wenger

The CCACoP is an interactive online community that provides a space where researchers, experts, policy-makers and practitioners from across Canada can come together to ask questions, generate ideas, share knowledge and communicate with others who are also working in the field of climate change adaptation.


The Climate Change Adaptation Community of Practice (CCACoP) grew out of a 2008 summit on climate change adaptation that was attended by provincial, territorial and federal government representatives, as well as members of the Canadian scientific, academic, and engineering communities. One of the key recommendations of the summit was to establish a national ‘community of practice’ in order to support the Canadian provinces and territories in their efforts to incorporate climate change adaptation into planning and policies.

As a follow up to the summit at a Council of the Federation meeting in July, 2008, Premiers endorsed the idea and agreed that a national Climate Change Adaptation Community of Practice (CCACoP) be developed in order to assist with knowledge transfer across jurisdictions and fields of expertise. In early 2010, OCCIAR was chosen to develop and oversee the CCACoP and entered into a two year contract with the Council of the Federation. OCCIAR continues to maintain and facilitate the community today.


The goal of the CCACoP is to bring provincial and territorial representatives together with experts in order to disseminate and share information on climate change adaptation, and to encourage the mainstreaming of adaptation into decision-making frameworks.


The membership is comprised largely of Canadian provincial and territorial representatives, as well as individuals from the federal and municipal government levels, academia, the non-profit sector, and the private sector.


The web-based community contains a variety of useful adaptation resources, including:


The CCACoP is home to two ‘sub-communities’ which have the same functionalities as the main CCACoP site, but provide a private space where certain members can discuss and share the latest research and information around a specific topic:

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