Project: Ontario Regional Adaptation Collaborative

The Ontario Centre for Climate Impacts and Adaptation Resources (OCCIAR) is an Ontario partner in Natural Resources Canada's Regional Adaptation Collaboratives (RACs) Climate Change Program. It is a three year program to help Canadians reduce the risks and maximize the opportunities posed by climate change. The Program is in place to help communities prepare for and adapt to local impacts posed by our changing climate, such as: decreasing fresh water supplies; increasing droughts, floods and coastal erosion; and changing forestry, fisheries and agricultural resources. The goal of the Program is to catalyze coordinated and sustained adaptation planning, decision-making and action, across Canada's diverse regions. The RACs Program is a partnership between the federal government, provinces and territories, working with local governments and organizations.

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The Ontario Regional Adaptation Collaborative also worked with other partners to address targeted climate change vulnerabilities through several projects to advance decision-making in the areas of extreme weather, risk management, water management, and community development planning. A series of products resulted from this work.