High Flows and Freshet Timing in Canada: Observed Trends CCRR 42


The frequency and timing of flood events strongly contributes to the fundamental nature of rivers. We examined trends in timing and spatial distribution of highflow events across Canadas Reference Hydrometric Basin Network, with a specific focus on spring freshet events. Freshets were clearly defined within a 4 month window for 65 of 82 stations, and of these, 49 stations had more than 30 years of data and were used in subsequent freshet trends analyses. Rivers at progressively higher latitudes had fewer highflow events throughout the year, especially in winter and there was a single well-defined freshet month. Along the southern border of Canada, particularly in the Atlantic provinces, Quebec, and Ontario, rivers could experience highflow events during any time of the year. Many rivers that had a large freshet timing window were located in the Atlantic provinces, coastal British Columbia, northern Saskatchewan and Alberta, and northwestern and southern Ontario.

Published Date: October 2015
Publisher: Aquatic Research and Monitoring Section, Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry
Author: Nicholas E. Jones, Ian C. Petreman, and Bastian J. Schmidt


High Flows and Freshet Timing in Canada: Observed Trends CCRR 42
ISBN: 978-1-4606-5620-4   (PDF) 0 B