Workshop: Climate Related Risks and the Mining Sector

OCCIAR partnered with the Centre for Excellence in Mining Innovation (CEMI) and co-hosted Climate Related Risks and the Mining Sector workshop in February 2012. This workshop brought together climate change experts with mining practitioners (executives, operators/managers, environmental, engineers, consultants and provincial and federal government representatives) to advance the level of knowledge of climate change impacts on mining operations. The workshop also highlighted the ways in which mine operators can assess and manage weather and climate-related risks.

The workshop:

  1. communicated climate change science and impacts as well as other drivers of adaptation planning;
  2. presented methods to evaluate climate vulnerabilities and risks and convey practical examples of the application of such tools; and
  3. facilitated knowledge exchange between mine operators and various experts in the field of climate change adaptation.

Participants heard the following presentations from experts in their field:

The mining-climate change workshop was video recorded and the videos are posted on the CEMI website.